Apantac Latest Advancement in KVM Technology in openGear

Apantac Latest Advancement in KVM Technology in openGear

Beaverton, Oregon, USA – May 28, 2024 – Apantac’s latest advancement in KVM technology, OG-KVM-IP-Tx-UHD is a 4K@60 KVM over IP solution, designed to be integrated into an openGear rack installation. This solution operates on a distributed architecture, eliminating the need for a central KVM server, and emphasizing convenience and flexibility. The Apantac KVM management software seamlessly operates on any PC within the IP network and once the system is configured, it remains operational without the software needing to be actively running.

When used with the Apantac 4K@60 KVM receivers, operators can extend and/or switch HDMI video streams with visually lossless image quality and ultra-low latency (2 milli). It supports required control interfaces over IP including keyboard and mouse functions, USB 2.0, including webcams, RS232, GPIO, and Infrared – all up to 120 meters over CAT5 cabling, or unlimited distances when connected to an IP network.

The OG-KVM-IP-UHD leverages Gigabit Ethernet and is designed for both retrofitting existing networks and accommodating new installations, offering interfaces in both fiber and copper. Engineered with the Apantac visually lossless compression algorithm, this product enhances connectivity within an IP infrastructure. Whether facilities are upgrading an existing setup or implementing a new KVM over IP network, this solution streamlines the process, ensuring efficiency, versatility, and user-friendliness.

Designed to streamline control and create a smart, seamless, and integrated workspaces, Apantac’s 4K KVM over IP solution allow operators to control multiple computers from multiple locations, and from a single control console.

About Apantac LLC Apantac LLC (www.apantac.com) is a leading designer and developer of high quality and cost effective image and signal processing equipment. The Apantac product line has been specifically designed to provide users with flexible and innovative technology solutions for the broadcast and ProAV industries.

Apantac was founded in 2008 and is a privately held company with its headquarters located in Beaverton, Oregon, USA. The company is celebrating its 16-year anniversary this year.

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