Upgrading Greek Style

The upgrade also called for multiviewers for which Apantac was awarded the tender

The list of equipment supplied included 21 openGear frames and 70 OG-Mi-16#-SET-l, which are Apantac's 16 input multiviewers for the openGear platform that support 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs. They will be used in the studio galleries, master control galleries and a couple of OB vans. Twelve of the OG-Mi-16#-SET-l multiviewers are equipped with the "Utah-RTR-License" over IP, which allows the facility to update the window labels of the inputs fed by the Utah router dynamically.

The tender requirement asked for 16xl multiviewers, but the OG-Mi-16#-SET-1 comprises 16x2 multiviewers; one output is HDMI and another one is SDI. This means either can be configured as 16xl with identical HDMI and SDI outputs or as 16x2 with independent layouts on the HDMI and the SDI outputs.

Also included in the tender were two Moxa serial > IP converters that allows the user to drive the OG-Mi-16#SET-l multiviewer using the TSL protocol over IP for the Tally and Labels management system. All multiviewer hardware is identical and can be swapped out easily, which reduces the necessary spares parts and training needs.