Product News: Distribution Amplifier: DA-2HD

A few years ago, one of our Military customers asked us whether we had thought about making a DA that did not require external power. We already had products available that used a small 5V power supply so we suggested those to them. However, our customer explained to us why a DA without external power would be a better solution...

  • Military applications often rely on UAVs (Unmanned Arial Vehicles) for surveillance and other missions.
  • Since every mission needs to be recorded, they needed two simultaneous outputs; one for the operator and another one for the recording device. However, if the power supply fails on the DA, the operator can no longer observe the mission. Thus, a DA that requires power introduces a possible point of failure. In order to record the mission without a passive device like the DA-2HD, a video camera records the monitor in real-time.

Here at Apantac we love a challenge, and therefore a few months later we introduced the DA-2HD splitters/distribution amplifier.

BUT, there's more.... After this tidy little solution was on the market a while, our broadcast customers started asking for a single rack-mount of these units for a particular application for feeding redundant servers. Why? Because.....

  • No single point of failure
  • Uses no power at all
  • Uses less space
  • Zero rack space if mounted at the back of the rack
  • More cost-effective

Therefore, we built the DA-2HDX-16, a rack mount for up to 16 DA-2HD units.

A TYPICAL APPLICATION: Feeding a production switcher and a router from the same sources

More product information at this link... and DOWNLOAD Datasheet for specifications.


  • Compact 1x2 passive splitter
  • No power required
  • Cable reach up to 100 meters/330 feet end to end
  • 3G / HD / SD SDI / ASI
  • ALSO available in rack mount up to 16 units - Model: DA2HD-X16