Multiviewers Streamline Display Capabilities

The space, flexibility and cost advantages of multiviewers are winning over TV stations and production facilities.

This is why many of them are making the upgrade from dedicated monitor walls.

WOHL-TV and WLIO-TV are sister stations who share production and master control in their Lima, Ohio production facility. The stations hosts and broadcasts four networks: ABC (WOHL 35.1), CBS (WOHL 35.2), NBC (WLIO 8.1) and FOX (WLIO 8.2). Monitoring for the production facility is managed using an Apantac LX32HD multiviewer routed to two 70- inch flat-panel monitors placed side-by- side.

From this production room comes all locally produced commercials and shows, as well as 18.5 hours daily of locally produced news for the stations. -

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