How to Simplify and Future-Proof Your Display Installations

Why do the latest Apantac display interfaces employ the Intel Smart Display Module (SDM) platform? Because Intel has been a leader in this technology for more than a decade.

When you look back at the evolution of Intel display specifications, you’ll see that 2010 was a critical year. That’s when the company introduced the Open Pluggable Specification (OPS), and it was just about that time the display market began to move towards modularization and standardization. This shift was critical in enabling scale while reducing display development costs.

Several years later, to address stricter standardization and continue its leadership in display technology, Intel launched the Intel SDM specification. Over the years, SDM usage has evolved to address UHD, HDBaseT, SDVoE, and NDI, and the innovation continues as formats and standards change and as displays grow more advanced.

Because the smaller of the two Intel SDM interfaces is just the size of a credit card, it’s a perfect fit for today’s flat-panel displays. While video walls are an obvious application, there are so many ways this solution simplifies display configuration across both broadcast and Pro AV.

The last thing you want to do when putting up a video wall is to put a converter next to every single panel, and power and extra cabling to support it. Things get messy fast. Apantac Crescent SDM modules do away with all that clutter, allowing you to create a much simpler, more elegant installation. You have fewer components and fewer points of failure.

Slide the module into the display, and you’re ready to go! You’ve got the processing capabilities you need in the moment, but also the flexibility to adapt if you begin working with different signal types and formats. Rather than switch out the display or panel to move to NDI, for example, you simply change out the module.

This flexibility can translate to pretty significant cost, time, and space savings. And if you’re in staging and rental, it means you can quickly deliver the display solutions your customers need. (They will be pleasantly surprised by how simple and clean the solution is too!)

Interested in finding out how Apantac SDM solutions can make your life easier? Hear from the pros, including an Intel engineer, in the replay of our most recent webinar. Or, get in touch to ask our team your questions about these game-changing interfaces.