EDID Emulators and Learners

So, what's EDID? There's a host of information stored in your display devices. EDID - Extended Display Identification Data is a standardized way for a display device to communicate and describe its capabilities to a video source device. EDID helps you get the best information for the best compatibility, as well as the best picture and audio quality.

So, what's our EDID story? Apantac has been in the EDID emulator business for quite some time. First, we started with a VGA EDID Emulator, which is designed to emulate and store the EDID of a video display, providing constant and reliable EDID data for the VGA source device to efficiently optimize video resolution. Then, we launched a DVI EDID Emulator, and now we have HDMI and HDMI 2.0 products.

For the first few years, we integrated our EDID emulators into our extenders, and learner/emulator into the transmitters. However, as our customers' systems got larger and larger including DA’s, matrices, converters and extenders, EDID management became more complicated. Due to the vast number of products in the system, it was impossible to manage all the EDID information.

Apantac has an in-depth understanding of EDID, so a lot of our customers came to us for help. This helped drive our decision to build our standalone EDID emulators. Although we were not the first company to build EDID emulators, our customers knew we could help them overcome certain challenges.


So, why buy from Apantac? The EDID learner/emulators built by others often have an external power supply, which makes them cumbersome. Can you imagine trying to look for an extra power plug in the system just to solve EDID? An EDID issue is almost always discovered after the installation. Many EDID emulators are too expensive, and sometimes you will need one for every input on a matrix. Apantac prides itself on being cost effective

A little bit of history! For the first design, we built the learner and emulator as two separate products. The EDID-L learner works with VGA, DVI and HDMI formats, and you purchase a single learner and as many as the format specific emulator dongles that you need; VGA-E, DVI-E, HDMI-E. This dramatically reduced the cost of the emulator, however it created two issues in the field. -- Installers sometimes misplaced the EDID-L -- The learner and the dongles only work in one direction. If installers need the emulator to work in a different direction, then they would need to put a gender-changer in between them.


Along came the EDID-EW-H So, along came the EDID-EW-H, an all in one EDID learner, writer and emulator.

  • Does not require external power
  • It has 15 built-in EDID settings
  • Bi-directional - it is both a learner and emulator that can work in either direction
  • Supports up to HDMI 2.0 and compliant with HDCP 2.2


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